» Water Solutions CW 300 Series

Water Solutions CW 300 Series


Water Solutions proudly introduces ChlorWell 300, a Polymer-based series of Scale Inhibitors designed exclusively for Saltwater Disposal Wells.

Chlorwell-300 Scale Inhibitor at Your SWD

Water Solutions’ ChlorWell-300 series of Scale Inhibitors are specially formulated to prevent the formation of solids (iron oxy-hydroxides, hardness scales, or biomass) in Produced Water at your SWD.

Rather than one ingredient, CW-300 is a blended formula designed for specific types of common SWD fouling. These ingredients may include sequestrants, dispersants, crystal modifiers and reducing agents, all designed to prevent chemical reactions.

What makes CW-300 Different from Other Scale Inhibitors

  • Polymer-based rather than common Phosphate-based Scale Inhibitors
  • Phosphates become food for bacteria in the downhole formation
  • Prevents deposition of Calcium and other hardness salts associated with SWDs
  • Complements ChlorWell’s ClO2 treatment and its ability to address downhole pressures, bacteria control, and enhanced oil cut
Physical Properties

Appearance: Clear, pale yellow liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.0 – 1.1 @ 25 degrees C
Density: 8.61 pounds per gallon
pH: Approximately 6.0
Freeze Point: ~28 degrees F



What Scale Inhibitors do

  • Dispersants – Long molecules with excess charges that transfer those charges to Suspended Solids
  • Crystal modifiers – Stick to crystal surfaces and disrupts crystal formation
  • Sequestering agent (“Chelating agent”)- Large molecules that wrap around inorganic foulants
  • Reducing agents – Useful on inorganic foulants that precipitate when they get oxidized, usually Fe and Mn

The CW-300 Series

Water Solutions’ experts will determine the right formulation for your water:

  • CW-300–Prevents iron oxyhydroxides in produced water
  • CW-390—Prevents precipitation and deposition of calcium and other hardness salts, as well as limited metal oxide concentrations in produced water
  • CW-345—Prevents iron oxyhydroxides and the precipitation/deposition of calcium and other hardness salts in produced water