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Water Solutions is proud to introduce Mexel 432®, a new innovation in Saltwater Disposal Well treatment.

There are many chemicals to treat saltwater disposal wells, but Mexel takes a different approach—treating the surfaces of an SWD, not total water volumes. The result is a more targeted, less chemically-intensive treatment



  • Creates thin film/uses less chemical
  • Scale inhibitor
  • Friction Reducer
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Biocide
  • Non-toxic
  • Lowers Operating Expenses/Protects Capital Expenses

What is Mexel 432®?

Mexel is a Filming Amine technology that treats surfaces of equipment with a thin film. Surfaces are the root of most corrosion, scale, and bacteria growth. By keeping surfaces clean, most of the trouble associated with Produced Water will no longer affect your SWD.

Mexel 432® at your SWD

Unlike other chemical treatments, Mexel would not be a continuous treatment. Rather, for 30 minutes a day, Water Solutions would introduce a 15 ppm blend into your water stream. This will be enough to protect all surfaces of your SWD formation for 24 hours.

Operation simple, requiring a small barrel of chemical and a small metering pump on a timer—all supplied by Water Solutions. One of your SWD operators can test for Mexel residual using a small ampule test.

The Water Solutions difference

Our company has over 25 years of experience using biocides on industrial equipment. As an early innovator in SWD and oilfield completions technology, Water Solutions believes it has a unique product that could change the way SWDs protect themselves from Produced Water.

We have an exclusivity agreement in North America with Mexel 432®, and we believe this product will not only protect your investment, but also help increase injection volumes and lower injection pressures.