Food & Beverage


As food borne illnesses and product recalls have made national headlines, there is an increased awareness of the importance of good biologic control and sanitation from farm to table.



This increased awareness has led to strict regulation by the USDA and FDA of how the food processing industry implements and monitors sanitation practices. Modern food processing plants have further refined these practices through the use of HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) programs, designed to prevent rather than react to food safety incidents. Food processing companies have also seen that good sanitation leads to greater profitability by eliminating expensive product “holds” or recalls and by extending their products’ shelf life.


Water Solutions is at the leading edge of the battle to provide safe, cost effective, and environmentally sound solutions to the food processing industries’ sanitation needs. By integrating Water Solutions innovative Chlorine Dioxide technology into your existing sanitation and process management programs, you will bring to bear one of the most powerful and effective tools available to the industry today. Chlorine dioxide is in many ways the ideal biocide for the food processing industry. It is both USDA and FDA approved and is being successfully used in virtually every industry sector including fruit and vegetable, meat and poultry, fish and seafood, brewing and bottling, and the dairy industry.



Here are just some of the many reasons to choose Chlorine Dioxide over more traditional biocides and sanitizing agents such as chlorine or PAA:


  • Rapid microbial kill at low use concentrations
  • Microbial activity unaffected by system pH, works over the broad pH range of 3 to 10.
  • Is the most effective chemistry for removing and controlling biofilm, assuring complete system hygiene
  • Does not produce THMs or other carcinogenic by-products like chlorine or sodium hypochlorite
  • Approved as a final sanitizing rinse, no additional rinse water required
  • Reduces spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms on finished product, extending shelf life
  • Effective in controlling micro-flora found on stainless steel food processing equipment
  • ClO2 can penetrate biofilms and bacteria embedded on the cuticle of fresh produce, eliminating the source of spoilage before the produce leaves your facility.
  • Is highly effective in flume water, preventing the potential for cross contamination as minimally processed fruits and vegetables are transported throughout the processing facility
  • The low dose rates required make it particularly suitable for use with sensitive produce such as salmon, where other biocides can bleach the carcass, causing taste and aesthetic issues.
  • Unlike chlorine, can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms on the surface of oily fish and shellfish, without leaving toxic chlorinated by-products
  • Producers report increases in product shelf life, no taint, and improved customer acceptance when replacing doses of >10ppm chlorine with 2-3ppm of ClO2
  • Chlorine dioxide is unreactive with many background organics and ammonia compounds leaving more of the biocide free to do the job it is designed for, the inactivation of dangerous bacteria.
  • Savings in chemical costs can enable some end users to achieve ROI of less than 1 year when switching from Peracetic Acid to ClO2


As North America’s largest and most innovative supplier of Chlorine Dioxide systems, let Water Solutions unparalleled experience, water treatment know how, and expert technical support help your company realize the many benefits Chlorine Dioxide has to offer. Contact us today to arrange to meet with one of our application engineers.